Interim Finance Executive

You may not need a full-time CFO when your operations are running smoothly; but, rapid growth requires a little more financial rigor. We provide executive financial leadership and accountability during your transition. You can trust us to lead finance and accounting until you are ready for a full-time CFO. 

Analytics to Answers

Sometimes, the answer for why an operation has skyrocketed or stalled is not apparent. You have ideas and lots of data. But, decisive action requires more than anecdotes. You need well-defined factors that you can manage. We dive deep into your data to discover the drivers of your success. Then, we work with you to define a plan for measuring those drivers on an on-going basis.

Process into Systems Transformations

The financial processes in most mid-size companies lean heavily on the skills or experience of a single individual. As operations grow, your finances need to mature from processes into systems, policies and procedures. We help move your finance organization from transactional to strategic.

Reproducible, Reliable Reporting

 You need crisp, insightful reporting to lead your company. And, your funders require the transparency that reliable reporting provides. But, finances aren't your core competency and they are probably not your passion. Reliable, reproducible reporting is our passion. We analyze your data and reporting at every step to ensure that you have the financial answers you need when you need them.