Kim Meyer, DA, Principal

Mathematician and Chief Financial Officer

Kim Meyer, Doctor of Arts in Mathematics, has served as both the Chief Financial Officer of start-ups and >$100M organizations. She has also been the Director of Analytics answering the CFO's questions. Kim's deep understanding of data and analytics enables her to quickly define and drive toward KPIs. It also facilitates pinpointing operations and finance opportunities, so that the team can focus on these. Kim's financial expertise enables her to quickly interpret the data in the business context. 

  • Academic Honors:
    • National Science Foundation Change Agents' Roundtable (invited member)
    • National Science Foundation Project Kaleidoscope Faculty for the 21st Century (invited member)
    • National Academies of Science (invited talk)
  • Financial Attributes:
    • Sees Systems, Policies and Procedures Emerge from Inconsistent Processes and Transactions
    • Defines, Creates and Requires Reliable, Reproducible Reporting and Analytics
  • Personal Strengths
    • Change Agent
    • Insatiable Curiosity
    • Data-driven Decision Maker
  • Industry Expertise
    • Healthcare
    • Corporate Analytics in public company (tax, real estate, digital analytics)
    • Education Reform and Analyses

Our Partners

Our clients  -- you -- are our most important partners. Kim Meyer leads every KMU Analytics engagement. However, when you are better served by a larger team, she engages accounting, analytics or consulting firms to assist.